Welcome To The Town of Cary Plantation Our Local Government Cary Plantation is  an un-incorporated town, which means that most major town functions - such as building permits and applications - are handled by the State of Maine, mainly by the Maine LUPC (see the Outside Links page).  The state delegates some functions to the local town council to handle lesser local issues, such as road maintenance, tax collection, snow plowing, etc.  Our town government is composed of three Assessors (equivilant to a Selectman), a Town Treasurer/Tax Collector, Town Clerk, Registrar of Voters and Animal Control Officer.  Town Assessors are nominated for a three year term, normally on a staggard basis.  Each year, in late March, a town meeting is called to elect new officers, and discuss/vote on other matters that may come up - such as capital projects, solid waste, charity donations, etc.   State/Primary elections take place at the Hodgdon Superintendents office when possible.  There will always be an advertisment in the Pioneer Times (the local newspaper) indicating where elections and town meetings will be held.  We will also start putting that information on this web site. As of the November 30th, 2015 meeting, below are the town officers: First Assessor: Kai Libby (Term expires 2016) - 207-538-1770 townofcaryfirstasessor@hotmail.com Second Assessor: Rob Smith (Term expires 2017) - 207-538-6566 carysecondassessor@yahoo.com Third Assessor: Jeremy Hiltz (Term expires 2018)- 207-694-1937 caryplt3rdassessor@yahoo.com Treasurer/Tax Collector: Montie Graham, 51 Wilcox Rd - 207-532-9171 Town Clerk/Registrar of Voters/General Assistance: Katie Osler, 74 Wilcox Rd, 207-404-9396 koslercaryplt.clerk@yahoo.com Animal Control Officer: Jeremy Hiltz Assessors meetings occur the 1st Monday of every month at 6:30 PM at the home of David Cassidy. These are open to the public. The next Town Meeting is Monday, March 28th at 7:00 PM in the Hodgdon High School Commons Site Hosted by Pioneer Broadband